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We empower regional communities to rethink folk crafts in a distinctive way where nature meets technology, utility, and human empowerment.

where design meets artistry and empowers rural communities in India. We are a premium brand that is passionate about reviving the ancient craft of basketry while promoting sustainability and uplifting artisans in rural India.

At Trag, we believe in the power of collaboration, bringing together the expertise of local artisans and the creative vision of talented designers from around the world. Our Design and Art Collaboration service category embodies our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and social impact.


What is our Inspiration for Innovation?

Nature shows us how to achieve advanced, complex systems and structures that form closed networks of interdependent relationships and feedback systems by combining simple materials with ‘clever design’ using minimal resources.

Nature-inspired innovation (or biomimicry) is an interdisciplinary collaboration of biology and technology that solves practical problems by transforming abstracted models of biological systems into solutions. Nature-inclined innovation inspires us to sit between art, technology and human development.


Trag operates in various service areas to connect makers, designers, and buyers and makes handmade crafts accessible to a wider market.


Through our Design and Art Collaboration, we offer a unique platform for designers and artists to partner with our skilled artisans, fusing traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. This collaboration creates a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and modern design, resulting in exquisite and one-of-a-kind handcrafted products.

By working hand in hand with our artisans, designers and artists have the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of ancient crafts while infusing their own artistic expressions. Together, we create products that not only capture the essence of India's rich cultural heritage but also reflect the global design trends of today.


By choosing Trag you become a part of a larger movement that supports rural communities and empowers artisans to practice dignified livelihoods. All our products are made in rural or tribal areas of India. We believe that by promoting decentralized economic opportunities, we can contribute to preventing mass migration from rural areas to cities, while simultaneously nurturing sustainability and cultural heritage. To continuously sustain many artisan we offer B2B services and also work as a manufacturing unit for other brands. 


We offer expert guidance and support to government entities, CSR initiatives, and social projects in mapping market-oriented strategies for the usability of traditional crafts in today's world. With a track record of collaborating with esteemed partners such as the Indian government and the HCL Foundation, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Our team of consultants works closely with stakeholders to understand the unique strengths and challenges of a craft cluster, devising comprehensive plans that foster sustainable growth and entrepreneurship. Through our strategic approach, we aim to unlock the full potential of traditional crafts, empowering artisans and ensuring their products find relevance and success in today's dynamic market.


We are driven by a deep commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage of India's handicrafts. We recognize that less than 50% of these invaluable crafts have been documented, and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure their survival for future generations. India is an ocean of ancient techniques, each telling us a unique story of our vibrant history, technology and traditions. Through our meticulous documentation efforts, we aim to create a comprehensive archive of these crafts, serving as a source of inspiration and a testament to our cultural legacy.

We understand the importance of utilizing technology to capture and record the diverse crafts practiced by tribal communities and other endangered artisans. By adapting innovative and tech-savvy methods, we strive to document their artistic processes, living traditions, and the profound knowledge they possess. Through this service, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of cultural preservation, while providing invaluable resources for researchers, designers, and enthusiasts. Join us in our mission to safeguard the endangered crafts of India, ensuring that their beauty and wisdom endure for generations to come.


combines creativity and environmental consciousness to transform events into immersive experiences while minimizing their ecological impact. We take pride in our notable achievement of designing the mass event "Adi Shaurya" for the Indian government's prestigious Republic Day celebration on 26th January. This national event, attended by over 50,000 people, showcased our expertise in sustainable event decoration.

We believe that every detail matters when it comes to sustainability. We specialize in utilizing our zero carbon footprint basketry, handcrafted by artisans in rural areas, to create stunning and eco-friendly event decorations. By incorporating natural fiber products, we not only promote the revival of ancient craft techniques but also ensure that our designs align with principles of environmental responsibility.

Our team of skilled designers and artisans work closely to conceptualize and execute sustainable event designs that leave a lasting impression on attendees while treading lightly on the planet. From elaborate backdrops and stage setups to intricate table centerpieces, our creations not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the event but also serve as a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices.

Choose trag for your next event and let us weave together an unforgettable experience that celebrates both beauty and sustainability.


Embracing the future while honoring the past, Trag is dedicated to shaping the future of traditional crafts and cultural communities. In an era dominated by AI and modern technology, we understand the potential risk of overlooking ancient and traditional techniques. That's why we aim to spark a dialogue about the future of crafts through our community platform, Common Thread.

Common Thread serves as a vibrant hub for passionate artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, government bodies, students, and enthusiasts to come together and engage in meaningful discussions. We provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to share their insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that propel traditional crafts into the future.

By fostering this community, we aim to nurture innovation, highlight the relevance of traditional crafts in contemporary society, and explore ways to integrate modern technologies without compromising authenticity. Through shared knowledge, research, and collective action, we strive to ensure the continuity and evolution of traditional crafts for generations to come.

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